Colour Matching


Colour matching clients can be a tricky process, at HairPlanet we are always available to offer help and assistance in finding the perfect shade option.

It is important to consider when colour matching, how the perception of colour can be dramatically altered by lighting, filters and monitor settings.


Top Tips for an accurate colour match


1. Natural Lighting - Daylight rather than artificial lighting, as this will show the natural tone more accurately.

2. No Filters - Filters can drastically change the appearance of a colour making is almost indistinguishable.

3. The Angle - Mid- lengths and ends only, this is this hair that will be blended and will lay directly onto with your extensions.

To look as natural as possible this blend must be seamless. We would always advise colour matching in person with your clients as it also gives the opportunity to check the texture of their natural hair to assess the type of extensions they are best suited too and not forgetting their natural hair health and scalp check to rule out any contra-indications of the service.