Can Hair Extensions Change Colour?


This is a question we are asked regularly, however there are numerous factors which can affect the acceleration of colour fading or is some cases a colour change. Firstly, it is crucial to understand that your hair extensions are from a donor and are now added to blend within your natural hair, this does not necessary mean they will behave in exactly the same way as your own. The hair extensions could be a slightly different texture and/or have experienced different colouration processes to your own therefore can behave differently.

These are the most common reasons why your hair could experience a change in colour;

Chlorine - Chlorine content in water will damage hair extensions, causing matting and discolouration, therefore it is advised to avoid underwater swimming. Blonde hair can turn pink/orange and such damage cannot be repaired.


UV rays - UV rays can cause discolouration to your hair extensions therefore we advise wearing a hat in the sun to reduce exposure to strong UV rays.


Iron - The iron content in the water varies depending on where you live. In certain areas, if you wash your hair extensions in the shower, the iron levels may cause your hair extensions to turn pink or orange in tone and usually more apparent in light blonde extensions.


Hard water - You may notice that your hair extensions turn dull, dry or the colour fades when you wash them. This is due to the water in certain areas containing a higher level of an alkaline (known as hard water). If this is becoming an issue, installing a filtered shower head may be an option to prevent discolouration from hard water.


Very Hot water - This can cause colour to fade. Due to the heat of the water, the cuticles will open and the colour with drain out of the hair shaft. To prevent this, we advise washing your hair extensions in lukewarm water.


Heat - Excessive heat from styling appliances will change the colour pigment of the hair. The maximum temperature we would advise using on hair extensions is 180 degrees, excessive heat and hair exposed to heat appliances can cause extensions to discolour. This is more apparent in blonde hair, and such damage cannot be repaired.


So, remember, TURN DOWN YOUR HAIR STRAIGHTENERS. Most will come with a variety of heat settings, and if yours doesn’t now is the time to change it for the sake of your hair health and colour. You will be amazed at how even on a low setting, you are still able to achieve the same results as you were on the hottest setting, but without running the risk of ruining your hair colour.