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Video Demo's

Welcome to our video demo page for hair extension application, these videos have been selected to give you an insight to different application techniques along with some valid preparation and fitting tips. Please note: we are not affiliated with these video's or endorse any of the products, they are simply an informative video to highlight the application processes. 

Pre Bonded Application

On the day of the fitting please make sure your hair is washed preferably with a clarifying treatment which ensures all residues including oil and product build up are removed. These residues must be removed as they can affect the adhesion of the glue.
Try to leave your hair as natural as possible and do not apply any styling products.
Ensure that your hair is in its usual parting and preferably straightened, this makes it easier to see where the bonds are going to be applied even if your hair has a natural wave, as the hair is applied straight and you can see where the bonds will need to be placed.

Removing Keratin Fusion Extensions

Italian Keratin glue must be removed with an Isopropyl Alcohol based solution or an Italian keratin gel remover, the bonds need to be soaked thoroughly and cracked several times before removal is possible. 


Micro Loop Application

Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions are currently the latest trend in the world of Hair Extensions. The "No Fuss, No Glue" method is making its mark. Watch the video for an insight to Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions to see for yourself.
The Micro Loop Extension system is highly recommended for those that are growing their hair. This system does not require any heat, glue, keratin bonding, braiding, or sewing.  Most importantly this system does not yield damaging effects on the hair as heat, glue, keratin bonds, glues, braiding or sewing.  
Micro Loop hair extensions are the perfect hair extension technique if you are growing your hair and want the look of natural long hair rather than having the look of a noticeable weave or extensions.

Stick "I" Tip Application

This is another way of application the Micro Rings and can be preferred to the pre threaded Micro Loop hair as the stick tip are easier to use for maintenance and rebalance appointment when the micro rings are ready to be replaced.


Weft Weaving Application

This increasing popular method of hair extensions is performed by making horizontal tracks from behind each ear meeting in the centre of the head at the back by either twisting and sewing or cornrowing the clients own hair and then sewing wefts of hair onto the tracks with specifically designed weave thread and a curved needle.


Apply a Weft Using Micro Rings

Expand your creativity in Human Hair Weft application by going for a glue free method and apply the weft with Micro Rings, easy, simple and glue free.

Nano Tip Application

Nano ring or Nano bead Human Hair Extensions are the smallest and most discreet method of hair extensions currently available. The Nano ring is threaded on to your natural hair and the nano tip pushed inside the ring ensuring your natural hair is at the front and the extension strand is sitting behind to ensure minimum visibility. The ring is then clamped securely to hold in place.


Weft Tape Application

Tape hair extensions are versatile and can be installed in minutes, simply section the clients hair in horizontal sections starting at the nape of the neck, and place the hair extension tape strip onto the natural hair. The extensions hair should be attached approximately 1cm (0.5 inch) from the hair root and must be pressed firmly to secure. For extra adhesion the heat from a hairdryer/flat iron can be used.

Weft Tape removal and re-tape

You can re-tape and reuse the tape hair extensions, this demo gives you a simple and easy insight into the process.