Prom Hair

Prom, a night most high school girls dream of, and undoubtably the most memorable in the High School calendar. With the dress, shoes, and jewellery decided on, it's time to pick out the perfect hairstyle, and whether you have long or short hair this will be your crowning glory. For those girls who have been envisaging their prom look, these hairstyle ideas work perfectly with hair extensions and will deliver the prom hair of your dreams.

Cute Chignon

When it comes to unbearably chic hairstyles that are simple, sleek and beautiful, this low-slung chignon shows how you can find stylish and classy at the same time. Curling the front, loose stands makes your hairstyle softer and has more of a romantic theme. It's simple to do and lets you put more attention to make-up and accessories and so versatile is perfect for all hair extension types.

The Messy Updo

Classic yet never goes out of style and totally adaptable, as there are no tight braids or uniform lines this style is especially suited to Clip in hair extensions and Tape hair extensions. Having your hair up, not only shows off your gorgeous dress but also adds elegance, timelessness, and sophistication and makes you feel more confident. This girly effortless look is perfect for teens wearing a detailed dress which does not require a big hairstyle. Also, the style works the absolute best for long lobs or just below the shoulder hair. Messy updos are diversified into different styles such as a side braid into a bun, romantic updo and upside updo.

The Half Up Half Down

The half-up, half down is an elegant and gorgeous style for prom which keeps the hair away from the face, unveiling the ravishing makeup while the back is creating a girly and feminine look. This hairstyle can also accentuate the natural or coloured tones in the hair. Moreover, the half-up style is perfect for all hair extension types and can be varied from simple style half up, rope braid half up and French braid half up.

Crown Braid

This style is also known as the halo braid and has become highly popular over the last few years for girls who are going to prom. This beautiful style can be dressed up or down as it looks amazing worn neat or slightly messy. The recommended type of hair extensions for this hairstyle is the micro ring or nano ring method as they have better movement. Although this style may look challenging to create, it is quite simple and makes an impact.

Minimalist Ponytails

Not only is this hairstyle comfortable and versatile, but the ponytail is also classy and chic at the same time keeping hair out of the face, staying in place all night and still letting the prom dress shine. If you're feeling edgier, go for the high messy ponytail or if you're feeling lovey-dovey, pick the low curled ponytail. You can use all hair extension types to effectively create a thicker, longer ponytail for these looks. 

Vintage Hollywood Waves

If you are looking for a prom hairstyle for short to medium length hair, opt for classic Hollywood inspired curls. The key to achieving this look is to use a wide-barrel curling wand for those classic, soft waves. Again, this look is great for all hair extension types.


By adding a few weft pieces or single strand hair extensions of a lighter colour to the natural hair, it creates a combination of all the things girls love the most: volume, length, and highlights that look completely natural without a visit to the salon!

The options are truly endless with the simple application of human hair extensions.