Do you want thicker hair that has more volume without all the fuss? How about natural highlights that blend into your hair seamlessly while making it look fuller and healthier? Then it’s time to look into trying hair extensions!

Now, we know what you might think, sometimes the mention of hair extensions conjures up images of frizzy, synthetic hair that tangles if you even look at it wrong. That is why using human hair extensions are the best way to create the look of your dreams. In the past, human hair extensions were reserved for the elite in Hollywood or the super-rich. Thankfully, getting your own real, soft, and beautiful human hair extensions is not only possible, but it’s also affordable, too! It’s not all about extending length either.

Keep reading below and we’ll tell you some of the numerous benefits using these extensions can offer.


Different Types of Extensions


There are different types of hair extensions available to choose from. We’ll quickly explore these methods before discussing styling options.

• Micro Loop

These types of extensions are applied by looping single strand extensions pre-loaded with a micro ring through your own hair and clamping into position with a plier tool to secure into place.

• Nano Tip

The Nano Tip Extensions are applied by threading a tiny nano ring onto the natural hair, sliding a nano tip strand into the ring and clamping with a plier tool to secure into place.

• Clip-In

The fastest, easiest, and least damaging method. They can also be applied without the help of a professional. These types of extensions are a great way to get a temporary colour or volume boost.

• Pre-Bonded

These types of hair extensions are fused to your hair using keratin bonds that are attached to the ends of the extensions. Heat application is used in order to fuse them.

• Tape-In

With tape-in hair extensions, wide bonds of tape are used to attach to your hair. Your own hair clamps down between the tape to hold them in. These types of extensions are easy to apply and can last between 6-12 weeks.

• Sewn-In Weave

Having hair extensions sewn in requires your hair to be sewn into a track made from micro rings known as a braidless weave or using cornrow braids. The extensions are then sewn into your hair using a needle and thread.


Using Human Hair Extensions to Create the Look of Your Dreams


Now that we know more about the types of extensions, it’s time to learn about how you can use human hair extensions to create the look of your dreams. A lot of people assume hair extensions are just about adding length, but they can do so much more! Many women use these extensions to add colour, natural highlights, volume, and texture to their hair. Let’s explore some of the best ways to use human hair extensions.

1. Create More Volume

Creating more volume in your hair is easy with hair extensions! Plus, when they’re made from human hair, it looks completely natural. Simply put your hair half up in a bun, then use tape-in or clip-in human hair extensions to lay over the bottom layer of hair. Let your hair down and viola, more volume, and thicker hair!

2. Add Beautiful Highlights and Colour

Wanting to try highlights without the chemical process? Human hair extensions are a great way to add a pop of colour! You can use more funky colours for a dramatic change or for a subtle enhancement you can use beautiful blonde strands to add natural highlights to your hair.

3. Have a Fuller Ponytail or Messy Bun

Is your ponytail or messy bun feeling a little empty? Amp it up with human hair extensions! Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to get a fast, easy, and gorgeous looking ponytail or messy bun upgrade!

4. Add Length for Additional Styling Options

Finally, hair extensions are known for adding additional length, but this also opens you up to a world of styling options! Create the long, thick braid you’ve always wanted. Additionally, you could even add in some curls. Your imagination is truly the limit!